Adieu James Luna

We lost a great human being on March 4, 2018. I first got to know James Luna as a spectator, as someone who admired his work. When I started teaching at UC San Diego, I organized a reading of one of Mr. Preston Arrow-weed's plays. I was thrilled to see James Luna in the audience (and more than a little star-struck). I gathered my courage and introduced myself : we talked, me all formal, and him...
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Native Film and Storytelling Institute at UC San Diego

Check out this wonderful event organized by Dr. Justin De Leon, the Intertribal Resource Center at UC San Diego (headed by Dr. Elena Hood) and myself  at UC San Diego. We hosted a first residency on Kumeyaay territory at UC San Diego where Native American filmmakers could learn, share and build content together. Filmmakers were paired with folks from the industry (they met Jade Begay from...
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