UC Riverside Indigenous Choreographers Project 2015

Last May, I had the tremendous privilege of taking part in the University of California Riverside Indigenous Choreographers Project with a group of immensely talented and thought-provoking artists/scholars. The project is organized by Professor Jacqueline Shea Murphy from UCR whose generosity really set the tone for this encounter. The line up was incredible and if you do not know these artists,...
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Staged Reading at UCSD

The students of my TDHT101 Native American Performance class spent the quarter studying plays and performances by First Nations artists from Canada and the US like Marie Clements, Tomson Highway, Shirley Cheechoo, Spiderwoman Theatre, Monique Mojica, Yvette Nolan, and Randy Reinholz. They also examined the work of visual artist Nadia Myre, of hip hop artists Samian and Shauit, of the DJs A Tribe...
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Is there a Doctor in the house?

I have recently finished my PhD in Theatre and Dance at the University of California San Diego. There are countless wonderful people who have made this journey possible and I will take a moment to name them here. It is a long list so if you just want to see the photos (courtesy of David Baillot), stop here! I would like to thank the scholars, artists, mentors, and friends I have met on this...
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