Casa Cornelia Law Center

I was deeply honored to be one of the recipients of the 2020 La Mancha Award from Casa Cornelia Law Center. I never thought speaking French would be useful at the San Diego/Tijuana border but it has been. Over the last few years, I have translated and interpreted for some of the most admirable, extraordinary resilient people I have ever encountered. It has been a privilege to accompany them on...
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Adieu James Luna

We lost a great human being on March 4, 2018. I first got to know James Luna as a spectator, as someone who admired his work. When I started teaching at UC San Diego, I organized a reading of one of Mr. Preston Arrow-weed's plays. I was thrilled to see James Luna in the audience (and more than a little star-struck). I gathered my courage and introduced myself : we talked, me all formal, and him...
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Sallie Lyons

Sallie Lyons was my movement teacher at the University of Toronto but she was much more than that... She gave me tough love, support, and great advices. She helped me find my breath, my voice, and, often, my courage. Her teaching was central to my journey as an undergraduate student and I am forever grateful for having met her. She retired last spring and I was able to participate in her...
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