Poetic Landscapes, March 1st at The Loft (on the UCSD campus)

I am thrilled to work with Professor Gloria Chacon from the Literature Department to organize Poetic Landscapes, UC San Diego's first evening of Indigenous poetry, storytelling, and spoken word.  Our guests for this first edition: Gordon Johnson, Tria Blu Wakpa, Amrah Salomon, and Diana Cervera. We are extremely happy to report that the Rincon Youth Storytellers, a group of young artists from...
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A visit from Lynne Jennings of the San Diego Guild of Puppetry

This fall, I am teaching an undergraduate course on Theatre for Young Audiences with a focus on social change. It's great to go back to my roots. I started doing socially engaged theatre when I was 15 years old with Le Théâtre des Lueurs in Ottawa. I did not realize it at the time, but Le Théâtre des Lueurs really embodied what art as social practice ought to be. The play, devised after...
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California Native American Day -New Calendar of Events

A new year, a new calendar of events! For its 10th anniversary, the series has a common theme, "Unsettled Stories: Reclaiming This Land," which represents well the tensions and the stakes at the heart of UCSD's relationship (or lack thereof) with the Native American communities of San Diego county. Come join us for some thought-provoking talks, for films or for an evening of Indigenous poetry,...
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