System Sweeping Tangent

A three-hour installation performance; a container for questions, nothingness, lineage, and choreography through bodies in relationship to time. Presented as part of Archive Fever at the University Art Gallery, University of California, San Diego, March 2011 Performed by Anya Cloud, Alicia Peterson Baskel, Julie Burelle, Janet Hayatshahi, Rebecca Salzer and Kyle Sorenson (on Skype) Sound Design...
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Fish Without Bicycle

A devised piece putting in conversation the history of psychoanalysis, the spectacularization of hysteria, and the myth of Iphigenia. Directed by Janet Hayatshahi, presented as part of New Directions at the La Jolla Playhouse, June 2010. Cast: Julie Burelle, Lisel Gorell-Getz, Janet Hayatshahi, Lily Kelting, Jami Yaeger. Photos by Manuel Rotenberg
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Le fil d’Ariane – Ariane’s Thread

A play on a little girl's quest to unravel her grandmother's failing memory.This one-person play was developed under the mentorship of Professor Antje Budde at the University of Toronto and with the creative guidance of the fantastic Lucio Espindola,Lourdes PĂ©rez Gay, and Amaranta Leyva of the company Marionetas de la Esquina in Mexico City. The wonderful Lynne Jennings of the San Diego Guild...
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