Postmarginal – Laborarium in Montreal, May 2018

Last May, before the Robert Lepage controversy, Modern Times Stages Company, in collaboration with Diversité Artistique Montréal, organized a 2-day workshop on diversity as a theatrical practice and explored questions that would have been useful to Lepage and others. Postmarginal asked: What is diversity? And diversity in relation to what? Who is this normative, non-diverse other against whom everything else is deemed “diverse” ?

In embodied workshops and discussions (you can see and hear some of it here if you stroll to the podcast and images), participants -scholars, artists de la diversité and representatives of cultural institutions in Quebec- explored how one does theatre in conversation and collaboration with diversity? What are approaches and creative practices that insure that participants are invited at the table in all that they are and allowed to contribute to the creative labor in ways that are neither appropriative nor reductive? And why is that collaborative work often portrayed as compromising artistic creation rather than enhancing it?

Given the polarized reactions that followed the Robert Lepage controversy this summer, it seems to me that events like Postmarginal are badly needed…

I had the immense pleasure of helping organized this event and of acting as its co-president with Marie Louise Bibish Mumbu

Crédit photo : Freddy Arciniegas / Arcpixel